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Maren co-writes, hosts, and produces the hit podcast Surprisingly Brilliant from Seeker and iHeart Radio

Surprisingly Brilliant explores the true and astonishing unknown stories behind the scientific events and discoveries that shape our world today.

"I stumbled upon this and I couldn’t have been happier! The two hosts fit perfectly and have great personalities for this podcast. Do yourself a favor and listen!"

"I listen to a lot of podcasts but they all have taken second place behind this one. I’m only halfway through the first season in binge mode and I have forwarded this podcast to more people than any other.
Thank you Maren and Greg."

"If you like SYSK, Short Wave, SideDoor, 99% Invisible, or other factual/educational/science shows, then this is an absolute must-listen for you. Greg and Maren are such relatable hosts and do a great job of communicating (what shouldn’t be) obscure science history in a way that is understandable, interesting, memorable, and funny. I will be devastated if this show doesn’t come back for a season 2!"

Maren has also featured as a guest on several other podcasts...

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