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What Can Maren Do for You?


Communications Strategy Consulting

Audiences react to and interact with science information differently than they do other kinds of information, but most communications plans don't take this into account. I provide bespoke consultation on your organization's science communications strategy, considering your specific needs, information, and target audience. I'll help you develop a research-backed plan for achieving your goals. I also provide assessment of the success of the communications strategy using data and tracked metrics.


Video Production

I can function as a production lead for a creative team, as a part of that creative team, or as a one-stop-shop who does all the steps: researching, writing, filming, interviewing, and editing for your video or video series.


On-Camera &
Live Talent

I have 5+ years of experience as a professional on-camera host for both digital and TV/film projects. I'm an excellent interviewer of experts, making them feel comfortable on-camera, humanizing their work and making the subject accessible to a general audience. Just like I do on camera, I can confidently host or emcee your event, introduce speakers, moderate a panel, or interview an expert at a live event.


Podcast Production

I executive produced, wrote, and co-hosted 30 episodes of the science history podcast Surprisingly Brilliant, from Seeker and iHeart Radio. I have also been a featured guest on several episodes of other popular podcasts. I can bring these podcast development, project management, and hosting skills to your project too!


Workshops & Trainings

I develop and deliver workshops, lectures, and trainings on science communication topics, including: science-media interfaces, science-policy interfaces, science-education interfaces and more. I also offer media training for scientists specifically.

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