What can Maren do for you?

1.) Video Producer: I produce videos. I can function as a production lead for a creative team, as a part of that creative team, or as a one-woman band who does all the steps: researching, writing, filming, and editing for your video or video series.

2.) TV and Digital Host/Talent: I am an experienced stage and screen performer, and I am an expert on-camera host for both digital and TV/film projects. I rely on my scientific expertise and communications skill to carry any kind of show, both scripted and on-the-fly. I'm an excellent interviewer of experts in their respective fields, making them feel comfortable on-camera, humanizing their work and making it accessible to a general audience.

3.) Live Presenter and Host: Just like I do on camera, I can confidently host or emcee your event, introduce speakers, moderate a panel, or interview an expert at a live event.

4.) Workshop Developer and Facilitator: I develop training content courses and workshops in a wide variety of topics: science communication (which includes science-media interfaces, science-policy interfaces, and science-education interfaces), public speaking, and multimedia production. I can also custom develop a lecture, keynote, or interactive workshop for your event around any of these topics. 

5.) Writer: I am a freelance writer, and can write on any topic from a journalistic or personal perspective. Commission me to script a video, video series, or an article for your publication.

6.) Podcast Writer, Host, and Producer: I co-executive produce, write, and host the podcast Surprisingly Brilliant, a science history podcast from Seeker and iHeart Radio. I can bring these podcast development and hosting skills to your project too!