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Hi, I'm Maren!

Growing up, I never considered myself a 'science person'. I struggled with dyscalculia (a numerical learning difficulty), gravitated toward 'artsy' subjects, and loved telling stories through poetry, film, and theater. But...I just couldn't stop asking questions about the way the world works. So I took that passion for media and storytelling, and started creating videos about science  for people like me. 

I overcame my imposter syndrome and studied  Biology  and

 Environmental Science  at the College of William & Mary before going on to earn my MSc in  Science Communication  (with distinction) from Imperial College London.

I've now been creating science media for over a decade.

I recently made my way back into practicing science myself when I earned my MSc in  Medical Microbiology  (with merit) at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, and can now proudly say I am  both a scientist and a science communicator. 


My Research

As a science communicator, I study audience reactions and behaviors: how do people receive and interpret information? I'm particularly interested in audience relationships to 'truth'. When consulting with clients about communications strategy and when creating media about science, I use these insights to craft research-backed evidence-based communications practices.

As a scientist, my particular area of expertise is microbiology. I study bacteria and fungi, and have researched the role of the vaginal microbiome in maternal health and pregnancy outcomes. This included bioinformatic analysis of whole genome sequencing (WGS) data sets, as well as patient data. I have previously worked as a laboratory assisstnat at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, and love nothing more than growing microorganisms and peering down a microscope.


My Work

I now work full time as a freelance science communication consultant and media producer. That means I create strategies for clients who want to communicate science, and I help them create media to support that strategy.

I produce videos, podcasts, and written pieces about all kinds of science. I can serve as executive producer, writer, host, videographer, editor, or all of the above.


I also provide media training to scientists, conference keynotes, and lectures and workshops on science communication at the undergraduate and graduate levels. I am a regular guest lecturer at institutions such as Imperial College London and  The University of Washington.

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