What Does Maren Do?


I am both a scientist and a science communicator. My scientific research focuses on the vaginal microbiome and its far-reaching implications on overall health. I primarily use computational microbiology to examine bacterial community relationships and host-microbe dynamics. 


I'm also a contributing science script writer and video host for Seeker, where I research, write, and present videos on science news topics. I co-host, write, and produce the podcast Surprisingly Brilliant, a science history podcast from Seeker and iHeart Radio. I'm a freelance science video writer, host, and producer, having created videos for science and media clients, like Lawrence Livermore National Lab,

 FoodUnfolded, and Bright Trip.


I make videos on my personal science YouTube channel, too! 


Making science friendly, fun, and engaging is just one of my many interests. I am also a trained stage and screen actress, a social media strategist, a basic web developer, a beginning animator, an experienced yoga, pilates, and group fitness instructor and a certified personal trainer. I speak fluent French, have played the cello professionally, I'm always looking to learn something new—

and I'd love to work with you.

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  • The College of William & Mary: Dual BS in Biology and Environmental Science (2015)

  • Imperial College London: MSc in Science Communication, with distinction (2017) 

  • The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM): MSc in Medical Microbiology (2021)

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